Reclaiming the dark to the Light  
Raising the Vibration of the Planet  
Moving towards Ascension   

  Spiritual Lovefare
Reclaiming the Darkness
through a Journey of Love


In this age of instant communication, we hear of the tragedies and turmoils of the world within seconds of their happening. There is pain and suffering whenever we turn on the television, open our email or peek at the newspaper.

At times we feel helpless. We want to strike out … or hide in some hidden place … because we don’t know what to do. But striking out has been done for eons, and the world is still in turmoil.

Consider four major changes that were facilitated by non-violent protest:

  • Ghandi, the Salt March, and India’s Independence
  • Alice Paul, Lucy Burns and women’s right to vote in the USA
  • Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement in the USA
  • Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace brought an end to a 14-year long civil war.

In each of these momentous events non-violent protest brought change. When there was violence it was perpetrated in horrible and in-human actions by those whose primary fear was change and loss of power.

The Spiritual Lovefare Team consists of members who commit themselves to using spiritual tools to dispel the darkness in the world and reclaim it to the Light. Although the Spiritual Lovefare Team itself will not, as far as I now know, will not be marching in the streets, members of the team may be motivated to do so.

Members of the Spiritual Lovefare Team commit themselves to the following:

  1. Releasing the darkness of not-love within themselves
  2. Transmute the darkness to Light
  3. Daily spiritual practice to strengthen the energy field so s/he may be a beacon of light unto the world and not be weakened by fear and anger from within or from outside
  4. Daily use of the tools of Spiritual Lovefare
  5. Daily meditation to be connected to Oneness and know that, no matter what, every person is an aspect of the Self

Do you feel the inner call to join the elite Spiritual Lovefare Team? If so, read further.

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