Spiritual Lovefare Training

Reclaiming the dark to the Light  
Raising the Vibration of the Planet  
Moving towards Ascension   

Are You Ready to Actively Participate in Transforming the World?

Are you one of the 30 people who are to form the seed group to begin the world-wide movement of Spiritual Lovefare?

In Houston, Texas, beginning at 9:00 a.m. on October 29, 2010, will begin the training and forming of the collective energy known as Spiritual Lovefare.

You will form the seed whose roots will go deep and whose branches will cover the earth. The purpose is to actively participate in bringing the darkness back to the Light. The vibration of the planet will rise making ascension into the Oneness easier for humanity and the planet.

Your trainers are:

Linda Case

Guided By:mm
Pallas Athena
Amma the
Divine Mother

Archangel Michael
Quan Yin
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Djwal Khul

Cathy Chapman

 Linda Case

 Cathy Chapman


The Audio Version of Amma’s message which is printed below.

A message from Amma the Divine Mother inviting you to be a member of the Spiritual Lovefare Team.

Dear Ones,

Thank you for coming and listening to this message. I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother. I am the feminine aspect of what you call God. I am Amma. The masculine aspect is Abba.

If you are familiar with the Kabbalah, I am in the place of Binah. I have been speaking through this one for several years. Some of you may know me through those who also embody me. You may be familiar with me from that angle also.

I wish to invite you to join me in forming a team of individuals on this physical plane in union with a team of individuals on the inner plane. There will also be star beings from other planets and universes that join this team. I call this the Spiritual Lovefare Team.

Many of you have heard of the term “spiritual warfare.” Think of the term “warfare.” Warfare is filled with conflict, which is what “war” means. “Fare” is a journey. That is what spiritual warfare means – a journey of conflict.

My dear Ones, you know you cannot raise the vibration of the planet with a spiritual journey of conflict. It is impossible. So we bring together Spiritual Lovefare – a journey of Love.

The time has come to form the group together – where a unified group of people and beings from this planet, this dimension, other planets, other dimensions, and the inner planes, come together to form an energy to:

  • lift up the vibration of the planet
  • to release the congested energy holding the planet down
  • to remind those working in the lower vibrations who they truly are.

They are Love Incarnate – whether they remember it or not.

I will be speaking and teaching through this one how to use your energies and various tools for spiritual lessons.

I invite you to join us. Do you feel the call within your heart to join this team – Spiritual Lovefare?

What is it we will do?


First, we will work with you to release darkness from the only person you have total control over and that is yourself. We will teach you ways of self-healing. We will encourage you in daily meditations that you may touch the essence of what you call God or The Other.

I will be emphasizing to you through this one and those she works with, how to work on healing yourself. Every healing you do raises the vibration of yourself and the planet.

Archangel Michael’s Sword and Dowsing

We will also be teaching you how to use tools such as St. Michael’s Sword. There will be other tools. Some of you know about dowsing. Some of you know how to use the various energies.

We will be pulling from things already given to this wonderful planet and that you may be aware of. As you come into the Spiritual Lovefare Team and your energies join with others, you will bring what you have learned.

You will bring what you already know. You will bring what is within your heart. All will come together.

Traveling Using Consciousness

You will learn different ways to go out into the world physically and from a spiritual essence transporting your consciousness to different places to remove congested energy from spaces around people.

That in itself is more than a fulltime job.

Some of you will be called to help bring those home who have lost their way after they have left their bodies. Others of you will learn how to connect with beings on the other side who have forgotten they came from Love, whose different religions have taught and enforced there is no chance for them to rejoin Love.

My dear Ones, Love is an energy. It is unconditional. Unconditional really does mean unconditional – no strings. Anyone who chooses may rejoin Love.

There will be much to learn. There will be much fun. There will be much joy. And there will be the satisfaction of working together with others, even though you never meet. So, my dear Ones, if you feel the call within your heart, please join us.

I am Amma, the Divine Mother, and I am your mother. My blessings to you always.

From Cathy Chapman

Hi, I’m Cathy Chapman, Amma’s messenger.

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