Spiritual Lovefare: Your Power to Change Your Part of the World

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Spiritual Lovefare: Your Power to Change Your Part of the World

As we watch to going-ons of the world, we can easily get caught into the trap of helplessness. There are so many horrendous events, things we can’t even believe are real, that we can be overwhelmed by them. This is the trap of allowing ourselves to stay mired in low vibration energy. There are things we can do. However, we must make the effort to do them.

As an energy based psychotherapist I assist people in releasing various emotions trapped in their body. The emotions can be a mild anxiety to out right terror. Whatever the label on the energy, it is congestion, low vibration energy or discordant energy. The trapped feelings are usually anger, fear, grief and sadness. Sometimes shame and guilt are trapped within.

When the congestion leaves the body, it often stays in my office. Someone sensitive to various vibrations can experience the difference in the way my office feels before and after. There is usually a heaviness of feeling remaining. You can get a sense of what this is like if you recall a time you walked into a room and it felt uncomfortable. It was as if emotions were hanging around. Perhaps later you found out there had been an argument.

Clearing Congestion from the Space around You

There are three primary ways I clear the low vibration congestion from my office.

The first is through prayer. I simply ask Spirit to remove from the room all low vibration energy in every molecule, be it the walls, furniture, or air. After waiting a few moments, I then ask Spirit to fill the room with love. When I teach this very simple process to clients, they are amazed at how quickly they can feel the difference.

A second method of clearing is through the use of incense. My preference is Nag Champa or Sandlewood. A friend uses Frankincense. Once you light the incense you move it around the room with the intention of clearing. The incense transmutes the low vibrations to higher.

A third way is to use sound. Someone borrowing my office one day a week left her crystal bowl there. The sound in the crystal bowl will also clear the congestion from the room.

Using Your Own Power

A Spiritual Lovefare practitioner uses his or her own energy and power, to transmute the lower vibrations. The process is very simple. You first form an image of a beam of light coming from Spirit entering into the crown of your head. Have this beam move down your spine and into the center of the earth. Simply form the intention for energy to come into you from above and below. Now send that energy from your heart out into the room.

You will also find that when you meditate the peace from that experience flows from you into the room. When meditating you bring higher vibration energy into your body, transmuting the congestion within you. What then fills the room is the joy and peace you feel.

When you are standing in line or waiting for service, you can practice Spiritual Lovefare by filling the room with love with the method above.

Avoid the Lie

It is crucial to avoid the lie that you are powerless against darkness. Many times the actions needed are simple, such as those mentioned above. There are many other actions you can take. Being a member of the Spiritual Lovefare Team will give you access to many of these tools and strategies.

Cathy Chapman, PhD, LCSW, www.SpiritualLovefare.com.