Spiritual Lovefare: The Power of Group Consciousness

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Spiritual Lovefare: The Power of Group Consciousness

When I awaken in the morning, the first thing I do is say “Good morning” to Amma the Divine Mother, my Spiritual Higher Power. I also give a greeting to my Bodysoul as well as my Soul Self. After doing the necessary actions one usually do upon awakening, I then spend time in my meditation room quieting my mind. This is easier when I do it in the morning before my mind really starts being active.

As I’ve been preparing for the Spiritual Lovefare training Halloween weekend, I’ve been visited by a number of beings on the other side of the veil.

Certain understandings or realizations come to me while meditating. Many times I receive messages that settle into my heart. I guess you could say my mind wasn’t all that quiet if that is true. Today the following came.

Because we were created from One Source, we are a community of individuals. It is unusual for there to be hermits who rarely interact with other people. That is a special calling if they do so to commune more closely with The Other. If done out of dislike or fear of people, it comes only from woundedness and not spirituality. The rest of us have a need to be connected in some way with each other. We yearn for that connection. This is because we came from the same Source.

We are continually rediscovering who we are. We were created from one energy, and that energy is Love. We are that energy. We are Love Incarnate. What we call spiritual growth is a desire, a need to remember who it is we are. As we clear away from ourselves the pain and resentments from wounds of the past, we are able to see more clearly that we are the energy of creation made physical. We are also able to see those around us are also. We then respond to people from a place of connection, of understanding.

The group consciousness assists us in remembering who we are. There are times we forget our overall purpose and our goal. We stray from the path of integrity. We get caught up in our own pain and find it difficult to move from there. Those around us who are like minded and focused on the same goal can assist in us moving out of our pity party. When we feel sorry for ourselves, we are stuck in victim consciousness. That is a place of powerlessness and separates us from the group energy of love.

Joy is a sign of our rediscovery of who we are. Living this life among so many people is difficult and painful. We become caught up in the cares of the day which hide from us Love. When we hang onto that which is “not-Love” then we cannot discover Love. When we release all that is only illusion, and the cares of the world are just that, Joy bubbles forth.

The energy of the group is stronger than that of the individual persona. As the persona (Cathy or your name), there is the feeling of separateness, that we are alone. Gathered together as a group energy we have the remembering of who we truly are, Love Incarnate created from the One Love.