Spiritual Lovefare – Seeing Love Incarnate

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Spiritual Lovefare – Seeing Love Incarnate

Have you considered how your own perceptions affect the way you view the world? For instance, what if, when someone walked in, another someone leaned over and said to you, “Watch out. He only thinks of himself.” How do you think you’d relate to him? Would you be open to discovering who he is, or would you already be protecting yourself from someone you’ve been told is selfish?

There is a saying “When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” This is all about how what we see is formed by our perceptions and our beliefs. If you have already been programmed to see someone as selfish, will you be able to find the times s/he is selfless?

A woman I know was sharing a fascinating job experience. She was a temporary employee at a company. The supervisor at her temporary job treated her as if she didn’t know anything. She wanted to do something more challenging, which she was very capable of doing, but he wouldn’t let her. Through an interesting series of events he finally read her resume. His entire attitude towards her changed. He said, “I thought you were just another temp worker.”

Seeing Everyone as Love Incarnate

What if the way you viewed people was based upon your belief that each person was made from the essence of Love and was, in fact, Love Incarnate. Yes, everyone had wounds, but you saw their gifts and talents first and not their wounds. Chances are this shift in perspective would assist you in finding the good in someone rather than just looking at what they were doing wrong.

Practitioners of Spiritual Lovefare identify each person as Love Incarnate. They recognize that everyone has dignity and is deserving of respect. Yes, someone can be so wounded they respond like a scorpion and hurt those around them, but there is good within them. Spiritual Lovefare practitioners seek to heal or release that which is wounded and low vibration.

When You Look for the Good

When you look for the good you will find the good. When you look for the bad, that’s what you’ll find. Everyone of us has wounds. Every person in this world will do something out of character that hurts or harms someone. Sometimes the results are devastating resulting in severe maiming of someone or loss of life.

When we make snap judgments about someone based upon one action, we miss the opportunity to call that person to growth. We miss the chance to discover the Love that is there within them.

Yes, there are those who are so wounded they respond with violence in society. These people must be segregated so that the rest of society is protected. Practitioners of Spiritual Lovefare will continue to hold them in a place of unconditional positive regard, helping to remove from them the low vibration energy, the deep wounds, that prevent them from acting from the goodness with which they were created.