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Raising the Vibration of the Planet  
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Become a Member of the Elite Spiritual Lovefare Team Training October 29-31, 2010 Houston, Texas

Only 30 12 places available

You’ve read the information and brought the call to meditation

Now You’re Ready for the Details

You do not need to be one of Amma’s students to be on the Spiritual Lovefare Team. As long as you are engaged in a spiritual practice and are comfortable with metaphysical philosophy, you are welcome.

Because of the special nature of this class, we will be asking Amma if the Spiritual Lovefare Training is appropriate for you at this time. If it is, you will be receiving additional prepratory information. If not, I will contact you personally and discuss her decision with you.

Important: This training is for those who have been exploring their spiritual path for some time. This is not a beginner class. If you feel called but are unsure if this class is for you, please email me at:

If Amma tells me you need further prepratory work before attending this training, I will let you know.

  Time: Begins 9:00 am Friday and ends 3:00 pm Sunday Please arrange travel so as to attend the entire workshop. (Friday and Saturday, we’ll be in training 9:00- 6:00)

Place: Hampton Inn Intercontinental Airport If flying in, arrive at IAH (Houston Intercontinental)

What You’ll Experience

Meeting and Working with Your Personal Spiritual Lovefare Guide
Encodement Work to Prepare You for Spiritual Lovefare
Connection to the Spiritual Lovefare Group Energy
Soul Healing to Remove Blocks Relating to Spiritual Lovefare
Meditation Experiences
Chakra Clearing
Working with St. Michael’s Sword of Light
Dowsing the Spiritual Lovefare Way
Working with the Heart Hologram
“Traveling” from the Heart Source
Channeled Tones for Strengthening Heart Hologram and Chakras
New Channeled Information … To Be Revealed

What You’ll Receive

Inner Healing
Accessing Your Personal and Spiritual Power
A Manual for Further Reference
CDs for Meditation, Toning and More
3 Catered Lunches of High Vibration Food (no sugar, vegetarian available)
Daily Mid-morning and Mid-afternoon Snacks to Maintain Your Vibration
Holographic Energy Chips to Assist your Energy Field and Heart Source

What You’ll Accomplish

Deep Inner Healing
Become More Comfortable with Your Personal Power
Raise the Vibration of the Planet
Comfortably Work with St. Michael’s Sword of Light
Greater Connection to Source
Use the Heart Source in New Ways
Use the Power of the Heart Hologram for Healing

 Inner Plane Masters Assisting

Amma the Divine Mother
Pallas Athena
St. Michael the Archangel
Quan Yin
White Buffalo Calf Woman
St. Raphael the Archangel
Mother Mary
Djwal Kuhl

 The offering of appreciation for this 3-day event covers:

  • 3 catered lunches (vegetarian available)
  • 3 mid-morning snacks
  • 2 mid-afternoon snacks
  • healing CDs
  • meditaton CDs
  • CDs of channeled messages in the manual
  • written manual
  • holographic energy chips
  • other supplies to be determined as preparation continues
  • Cathy Chapman & Linda Case

The offering of appreciation is $444. A non-refundable deposit of $111 is requested to hold your reservation.

Please right click here to print registration form. Check the box for your form of payment. Payment instructions are on form.

Credit Card Payment Available through PayPal … you do not need a PayPal account.

Payment Options

Payment Options