Spiritual Lovefare How Self-healing Assists in Healing the World

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Spiritual Lovefare How Self-healing Assists in Healing the World

Many people are on a spiritual journey. By that I mean their spiritual growth is the central focus of their lives. It doesn’t matter what other work they do in life, their connection to Spirit, and making that connection clearer, is primary.

Most people are not aware, that when they move forward on their spiritual path, they are assisting in raising the vibration of the planet. Those who use Spiritual Lovefare in their lives assist in the important goal of bringing more light into the world. One of the primary ways they do this is through their own healing journey. Each event they heal in their lives means there is that much less fear and anger in the world. When someone is no longer in fear, then s/he will not react from a place of fear resulting in further pain.

Acting Rather Than Reacting

When you react to a particular situation you do so without conscious awareness. When I was a kid and played second base in softball, reacting was positive. I went for the ball at the crack of the bat. If I thought about it I would have been too slow and missed the play.

When a speeding car is coming at you, or at someone you love, you will react without thinking. You’ll jump out of the way or push someone from the path of the on-coming vehicle. If you thought about how you’d do it, disaster would occur.

When you’re carrying around a great deal of fear or anger, you are likely to react to an event without thinking. You have a reflexive action wired into your brain that something is going to cause pain. You enter into the fight or flight mode without thinking. The result can be misinterpretation resulting in more harm.

Responding is a Conscious Choice

Responding to a situation requires awareness of what is happening. The cause of the emotion is examined, the situation evaluated to see if the emotion is valid in this case, and then a response is chosen. For instance, when you are angry due to what someone says, you can reflexively fire off a flaming email. The usual result is more anger resulting in an escalation of angry feelings.

When you respond to the situation, you wait until the emotion is tamed and then examine what is happening. There could simply be a misunderstanding and a few well chosen words can clear everything up. The result is a calming of emotion and no escalation. Anger is abated.

Self-Healing Facilitates Planetary Healing

When enough people choose to heal their own anger, their own insecurities, and make a commitment to respond with care and respect for the other, there is less violence in the world. Self-healing is a way of paying it forward. Your response can prevent or cause an increase in anger or fear.

This is why self-healing is crucial in Spiritual Lovefare. You clean up your own garbage and that part of the world is happier and healthier.

Cathy Chapman, Ph.D
August 2010

Cathy Chapman, Ph.D., LCSW is a channel for Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God. If you are metaphysically oriented and want other tips in healing the world, please sign up for the newsletter at http://www.AmmathroughCathyChapman.com.

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