Spiritual Lovefare Being Respectful of Others

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Spiritual Lovefare
Being Respectful of Others
Are you familiar with the Spiritual Cinema Circle? It is a subscription service in which you receive a DVD with a full length feature film and several “shorts.” One of the shorts, shot in India, was the chain of events that occurred when someone had a negative interaction with a family member … and then one when another had a positive interaction.

Have you ever considered the ripple effect of your words and actions? What you say and do can literally change someone’s life. There are numerous stories of how this happens for the better. One of my favorite was the story of a teenager who was going home to commit suicide. He was stopped by the kind words of a classmate who had no idea what was going on. Because of the kindness the boy decided not to take his own life.

If the unaware teenager had been in a bad mood and said harsh words to his soon to be friend, the world would have been confirmed as a horrible place to live. A young life would have been lost resulting in untold suffering for family and friends.

The Challenge to be Respectful

Those practicing Spiritual Lovefare are respectful of others. The purpose is to prevent adding more anger, more pain, more fear to the planet. A kind word, a thoughtful response even in disagreement, can prevent a continuation of anger and pain. Responding with respect can be healing for another thus raising the vibration of the planet.

Being respectful requires a thoughtful listening to ideas. Even if you completely disagree, the other person is just that… a person with rights and dignity. No one is going to agree with all points of view. People can agree that we were all made from the same energy, the energy of Love, from the Supreme Being by whatever name you call that being.

Respect is Lacking in the Public World

The political system in the United States is adversarial in nature. The positive in this is that one view or way of looking at things will not run over everyone else. The negative is that it becomes political rather than collegial. No longer are laws and actions for the general good, it’s about power and demonstrating who “wins.” This is also seen in the many talk shows which are geared towards conflict. Great joy and glee is taken in demeaning and trivializing others. The shows are not an exchange of ideas. They are shouting matches where only one view is accepted or tolerated.

Listening Can Bring Understanding

There appears to be a general mode of thought that understanding is not needed. It has become acceptable to decimate someone’s self-esteem if they do not agree with you. The dripping sarcasm from certain commentators displays their lack of belief not only freedom of expression, but in the dignity of all people if they disagree with you.

Spiritual Lovefare involves respecting others and hold them in unconditional positive regard whether they hold the same beliefs or not. Unless people make a genuine effort in this area the fear, anger and pain on the planet will continue. Healing will be slow to come if hurtful acts do not cease.

Although this is a simple idea, it is difficult to practice when your pattern of behavior is to be on the defensive if someone disagrees with you or does something you don’t like. You need to be aware of your own emotional reactions to the words, tone of voice and actions of another. No matter how difficult it may be at the beginning, you can do this.

by Cathy Chapman – August 2010



Cathy Chapman, Ph.D., LCSW is a channel for Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God. If you are metaphysically oriented and want more information on bringing healing to the planet, please go to http://www.ammathroughcathychapman.com.Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Cathy_Chapman,_Ph.D.