Raising the Vibration of the Planet

Reclaiming the dark to the Light  
Raising the Vibration of the Planet  
Moving towards Ascension   
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Raising the Vibration of the Planet
A Matter of Integrity

If we’re going to assist in healing the planet and moving us all to ascension, we need to be aware of where we contribute to lowering the vibration of the plant. We can often be blind to the “little” ways we do not stand in integrity. Although I’m sharing a incident about someone else, as you read it, ask Spirit to reveal to you an area where you are not in integrity.

It was Sunday morning and I was enjoying the buffet breakfast at one of the local eateries. They do a huge business and Sundays after church are particularly busy. (So busy, in fact, that I now avoid them on Sundays.) With your meal you have the option of a drink. I always get water as I don’t drink sodas, and tea I can make at home for pennies.

One of the servers was rather frustrated and I made a polite inquiry. She pointed to a table of about 10 people. “He’s a minister at a local church. They come in almost every Sunday and order a buffet with water for everyone but one. Because there are free refills, each with a separate glass, they ask for refills for the soda and gradually get drinks for everyone without paying for them. I’m a Christian and Jesus said not to steal.”

The Matter of Integrity

All you have to do is open the newspaper and listen to the news and you will read about people who preach one thing and do another. When people have made a commitment to what some say is a “higher calling” they accept the responsibility of acting according to that higher calling. When you loudly proclaim “do not steal” and then rationalize there is no harm in stealing about $20 from the local eatery for drinks, you erode your own moral compass.

Integrity is a rigorous taskmaster. If you wish to follow it, you need to continually evaluate your words, actions and even thoughts with the standards you hold within the framework of integrity.

Those Who Choose to Release Darkness

Those on the metaphysical spiritual path make a commitment to evaluate their words, actions and thoughts with the question, “Is what I’m doing, what I’m thinking, contributing the vibration of love, peace and harmony to the planet, or am I adding more low vibration energy.”

In metaphysics we talk about the vibration of the planet. When fear, anger, jealousy, hatred and similar low vibration energies are present, the vibration of the planet as a whole is low. When making the the commitment to raise the planetary frequency, you want to contribute only high vibration energies such as those mentioned above.

This spiritual commitment requires a continual evaluation of one’s own actions and thoughts. Everyone on a spiritual path must discover his or her own contributions to the pain in the world, s/he then takes steps to eliminate them. This is where healing occurs. When you heal the causes of your own fear and anger, you are able to assist others in healing theirs. If you can’t see your own flaws, you will not be able to assist others.

Life is a process. The minister mentioned above, if he and his family wish to be in integrity, need to first admit they are not following the precepts they teach. Only then can they be participants in the work of removing darkness from the earth. Next comes a change in actions followed by restitution.

Cathy Chapman is both a licensed social worker and a channel of Amma the Divine Mother. She integrates her spiritual and psychological work to assist in healing the planet.

Cathy Chapman, PhD
August 2010

Cathy Chapman, Ph.D., LCSW is a channel for Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God. If you are metaphysically oriented and want other tips in bringing healing to the world, please sign up at http://www.SpiritualLovefare.com.

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