Spiritual Lovefare Do you yearn to raise the vibration of the planet

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Raising the Vibration of the Planet  
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Spiritual Lovefare
Do you yearn to raise the vibration of the planet

What is going to happen with the 2012 event?

None of us really knows. Many channels have made various predictions, but no one really knows what is going to happen. We do know that changes are occurring and there are ways each person can assist in positive changes.

In the metaphysical spiritual journey, one of the concepts discussed is raising the vibration of the planet. This means that we work to remove or transmute low vibration energies such as fear, hatred, jealousy and other such feelings to the higher vibration of love.

There are two types of people who work in this area:

* Healers
* “Warriors”

Healers Facilitate Releasing Pain

Anyone who works to make this world a better place by bringing peace and assistance to another can be called a healer.

There are many types of healers. Most people think of bringing peace and ending suffering to humans. There are also those who work with animals, plants and the earth in general. When a healer assists in releasing pain, the person (or the one being worked with) becomes lighter. The pain and suffering s/he or it was carrying is released. They feel better, more joyful, lighter.

This work is also done with the self. Just as healers work with others, it is imperative they also do their own personal work. Each fear that is removed, each anger that is released, brings freedom to the individual. S/he is able to come to know her true self.

“Warriors” Work to Stop that which Brings Pain

I have “warriors” in quotes because it is a word to move away from in talking about spiritual enterprises; however, it is a word everyone knows. Spiritual Lovefare does not intend to conquer anything or anyone. It’s sole purpose is to remove darkness and low vibration energy. Instead of hate, bring acceptance. Instead of fear bring love. Instead of separation bring community. The world was created from Love, let us join together to return it to love.

Tools of Spiritual Lovefare Practitioners

The primary tool of those practicing Spiritual Lovefare is their ability to stay in their Heart Source. From this place they can be centered and grounded, and be able to listen to their inner knowing. When in the Heart Source people are able to better discern the truth.

A second tool is the spiritual Sword of St. Michael the Archangel. This Sword is able to release the low vibration energies of the thought forms of fear, anger, jealousy and more. Anyone who asks for The Sword to be used for good will be given The Sword by St. Michael. Learning to use The Sword is simple.

People who practice Spiritual Lovefare, no matter what religion or spiritual tradition they are from, work with various angels, guides, saints or spiritual teachers. Any truly spiritual tradition works from the heart or Heart Source. Ask for spiritual assistance as needed.

Cathy Chapman, PhD
August 2010

Cathy Chapman, Ph.D., LCSW is a channel for Amma the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God. If you are metaphysically oriented and want other tips in healing the world, please sign up for the newsletter at http://www.AmmathroughCathyChapman.com.

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