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Angels and Guides Supporting You

If you look back on your spiritual path you will find times you received assistance from beings on “on the other side.” You may or may not know who those beings are. Sometimes you just know that something dramatic, or comforting, happened. I want to share with you something that happened to me as a teenager.

I was in college and must have been having a really rotten time. I don’t know the context of what happened, I just remember the experience of love and peace. For whatever reason, I was laying across my bed sobbing. No one else was around. Suddenly, for about 10 seconds, I could feel someone’s arms around me. The tears stopped immediately as I lay there in wonder with love surrounding me.

Angels and other spiritual beings

I grew up learning about angels and saints. Everyone who went to Catholic school in first and second grade can remember when they learned about angels. Right after Sister told us we had a guardian angel, most of my classmates, me included, scooted as far as we could to one side of the desk making room for our angel to sit with us.

There is a comfort that comes with this belief. It was easier to believe that angels and saints were taking care of us and loving us. God had so much to do. How could God possibly care for us as individuals. After all, we were just little kids.

I know people who don’t believe in the spiritual have negative things to say about God, angels and saints. My personal experience has been one of peace, love and joy.

Gentle direction

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the perfect words of comfort or support came out of your mouth? You don’t know where the words came from, but there they were. A friend of mine will say, “My mouth spoke.” I believe there are angels, guides and other spiritual beings whose purpose is to give us love and support. They will lovingly transmit their thoughts to us. We just need to listen.

These loving beings will not invade our space. If we don’t want them to be a part of our lives, they stand back and observe. If we ask for support they are there. Why would they do this for us? My belief is that their choice is to be of service in this way. Just as I have chosen to facilitate healing in others through energy healing and psychotherapy, they have chosen to support us from “the other side.”

There direction can come in the sudden urging to turn down another street. My former sister-in-law spoke of a time she was driving and heard someone yell in her head, “Turn now!” She was so startled that she did exactly as ordered. When she looked back in her mirror there was a horrendous accident in which she would have been involved.

Know there are unseen spiritual beings who love you and whose purpose is to support you. Open your heart to them and relax into their love.

Cathy Chapman is both a licensed social worker and channel of Amma the Divine Mother. She integrates her work in service to those around her and to the raising of the vibration of the planet.

Cathy Chapman, PhD
August 2010

Cathy Chapman, Ph.D., LCSW assists people achieve their dreams of health, wealth and abundance. She works from a spiritual and energetic model to balance the body and change limiting beliefs. Cathy offers you a free powerful spiritual healing tool at